Direct Linking for Affiliate Tracking

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Direct Linking for Affiliate Tracking

If you’re an advertiser running an affiliate program and you want to get the most conversions from affiliate traffic, consider direct linking. It’s easy, affiliates and consumers like it and it’s better for SEO.

Direct linking loses some of the functionality that a regular affiliate tracking link can give you, but allows you to record your traffic (affiliate or otherwise) while keeping the URL shortish and using your branded domain.

What is direct linking?

Direct linking records your affiliate traffic by using both your branded domain and tracking pixels placed on your website. A direct link can look something like this:

This is how it works. Click to enlarge.


How is direct linking different from regular affiliate tracking?

An affiliate tracking system (like LinkTrust) gives you an incredible amount of functionality, allowing you to do more than just track which affiliate sent the traffic. You can utilize data about your visitors and make sure they have the best customer experience possible. That might mean filtering traffic by country of origin, utilizing alternate landing pages for testing or even routing traffic based on specific products they might be interested in.

A generic affiliate tracking link can look something like this:[=AFID=]/ADID/[=ADID=]/SID/

This is how it works. Click to enlarge.


Although you lose some filtering functionality when you use a direct link, because you can’t filter the traffic before it hits your site, it allows you to track your traffic while making the most of your brand. If you own your own offer, it’s easy to set up. Contact LinkTrust sales or support to learn more.

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