February Trade: Funded Justice

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January 22, 2015
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February 12, 2015

February Trade: Funded Justice

If you’ve got traffic that doesn’t fit the typical affiliate offers, you need to check out the Funded Justice affiliate program.

People are using crowd sourcing to get money to get a business off the ground, to pay for honeymoons and even to get the money for in vitro fertilization. Now they can use crowd sourcing to help pay legal fees too.

Funded Justice harnesses the power of crowd funding and social media to help raise funds for legal issues. When you’ve got a legal problem and you need an attorney but don’t have the money to pay for one, you can turn to Funded Justice to crowd source the funds from your friends, family and helpful strangers.

Moving away from the standard types of affiliate offers, it’s easy to utilize traffic in new ways by running traffic to Funded Justice. In fact, it’s free to set up and they will payout on anyone that sets up a Funded Justice campaign and payout a percent of the donations that each campaign raises.

No matter the focus of your affiliate website or network, you can find a Funded Justice offer to promote because legal needs touch everyone. Funded Justice is geared toward regular people who need a little help. For example someone going through a divorce that can’t afford an attorney, someone being bullied by a large corporation, an apartment infested with roaches or even someone dealing with workplace abuse can use Funded Justice.

Most people don’t know anyone that will lend them $1,500 when they need it, but a lot of people know 100 people who will spot them $15. That’s where Funded Justice comes in. It gives people a place to tell their story and ask for help in seeking legal recourse to solve their problem.

If you want to run the Funded Justice offers, please reach out to sharon.page@mgecom.com or sign up here!

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