June Trade: Acxiom

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July 2, 2013
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July 3, 2013

June Trade: Acxiom

The original big data company, Acxiom has pioneered new ways to help brands better serve and engage customers in the world of marketing for more than 40 years.  Combining unparalleled trust, experience and scale the Acxiom team provides marketing information services to influential clients that include 47 Fortune 100 companies.

Acxiom began in 1969, when two IBM salesmen met with the Ward Bus Company, the Conway, Arkansas manufacturer of America’s iconic yellow school bus. In the months following their meeting, the entrepreneurial salesmen hatched an idea to create Demographics, a company that would sell the spare capacity on the mainframe they’d sold. Setting up shop in a trailer outside the bus factory, the company that would grow to become Acxiom was born.

In the years that followed, Acxiom mastered data, analytics and direct marketing, serving many of the world’s biggest brands and growing across four continents to do so. Acxiom delivers its vision of better connections and results through an audience operating system that connects online, offline, mobile and social data, and turns it into insight which can be deployed across a full range of marketing tools and applications.

Acxiom is increasingly working with publishers and partners such as Facebook, eBay, MSN and Yahoo so their data not only enables a more targeted and connected experience for people and better results for brands, but also helps these companies better monetize their data assets.

For lead generation Acxiom offers landing pages and creatives that have been optimized over years of experience and testing. Some of their most popular domains are online survey, offers and discounts sites and they accept all types of traffic, from email and display to social media and incentivized traffic. Top conversions and premium payouts make working with Acxiom a profitable partnership for hundreds of companies.

Today, buried within Acxiom’s data center, the original trailer from outside the bus company still exists, a testament to the company’s humble beginnings and remarkable growth. Ranked as third in the “World’s Top CRM/Direct Marketing Agencies” and featured in the “World’s Top 50 Agency Companies” by Advertising Age 2012, the company that began with two eager entrepreneurs is now led by a team that includes senior hires from tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon, Google and MySpace.

Check out www.acxiom.com to learn more.

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