Making EDU LeadGen Easy and more

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March 18, 2014
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April 16, 2014

Making EDU LeadGen Easy and more

Give consumers a choice

This new lead generation feature allows clients to dynamically display channel information within a custom success page. This means that you can create a lead submission response catered to your needs.

In the EDU lead generation space, lead conversions increase when the student is given a choice of schools who would be a good fit for them. This new feature in LinkTrust makes it possible for you to dynamically offer the student a list of qualifying schools from your pool of buyers BEFORE the lead is sold. Then the browsing student can choose which of the qualifying schools they want their information to be sent to. This way the lead is an even better fit for those schools and you create better relationships with those schools by sending them quality leads.

This functionality is applicable to many other industries as well. You can use it to ping third parties with some simple checks and then return the matches that are acceptable. You could use this to help people find a school, find a doctor, find a dentist, find a dealership, etc.


Updated Affiliate Commission Report

The latest report to be updated and customizable, the Affiliate Commission Report is now more useful to affiliate managers and accounting departments. The updated report now:

  • Shows what affiliates have already been paid.
  • Lets you filter out affiliates who don’t meet your minimum payment balance within a given date range.
  • Export commission payments in whatever payment criteria you want, not dependent on the payment method the affiliate has selected.
  • Gives you the ability to filter by pay period and the ability to record payments in the results of the report (coming early next week).
  • Has an additional QuickBooks export format to create checks quickly.


Send message to affiliates in a list

If you want to send an email to affiliates who aren’t in any particular group or category, you can just email them directly by affiliate ID. In addition, you can also send a message to all affiliates who appear on the affiliate performance report.


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