February 13, 2015

Deep Linking with LinkTrust

In the last issue of the LinkTrust Wire, we introduced direct linking as a simple way to utilize LinkTrust in a non-traditional method. This month, we’re […]
February 12, 2015

Just In February 2015

New Talent If you were at Affiliate Summit West 2015 in Las Vegas last month, and you stopped by the LinkTrust meet market table, you may […]
February 12, 2015

February Trade: Funded Justice

If you’ve got traffic that doesn’t fit the typical affiliate offers, you need to check out the Funded Justice affiliate program. People are using crowd sourcing […]
January 22, 2015

Direct Linking for Affiliate Tracking

If you’re an advertiser running an affiliate program and you want to get the most conversions from affiliate traffic, consider direct linking. It’s easy, affiliates and […]
January 22, 2015

January Trade: CAN Capital looks for more affiliates

“CAN Capital has a robust affiliate program and is looking for more direct affiliate relationships. If you’ve got a financially focused website, they have offers that […]
May 20, 2015

Mobile Analytic Reporting by LinkTrust

Provo, Utah (May 20, 2015) – LinkTrust, the world leader in data tracking software, is proud to announce the release of its newest feature: A mobile […]
August 1, 2014

Hourly Reporting from LinkTrust

LEHI, Utah (Aug. 4, 2014) — On the Internet everything moves quickly. It’s cat videos one minute and Acai berries the next. Consumers jump between sites […]
October 18, 2013

LinkTrust Offers Cure for Information Overload

LEHI, Utah (Oct. 2013) Today’s performance marketers have grown familiar with obsessively checking their stats, but making sense of all that data can result in more […]
September 30, 2013

LinkTrust is Revolutionizing Lead Gen … Again

LEHI, Utah (Sept. 2013) — Drawing on 10 years of experience of providing lead generation and affiliate tracking software, LinkTrust has released a new lead generation […]
September 5, 2013

LinkTrust Features Give Ultimate Flexibility in Payouts

LEHI, Utah (Aug. 2013) — Increase your bottom line without breaking the bank overpaying for unqualified traffic by using new payout rules from LinkTrust, the leader […]
November 4, 2014

Alt-ID search, New APIs and More!

Updated Reports: We removed the Campaigns by Affiliate, Affiliates by Campaign and the Campaigns by Advertiser reports from the Reports tab. However, we have added more […]
August 26, 2014

Step Tracking Now Available

There’s nothing linear about marketing. Getting consumers to your site, to stay on your site and to convert can take a million different paths. Step tracking […]
July 17, 2014

Hourly Reporting and more in LinkTrust

Hourly Analytics Report We’ve given real-time reporting a new meaning with this report. In the swiftly moving world of online marketing, analyzing traffic on an hour-by-hour […]
June 10, 2014

LinkTrust and the Advertiser

It’s no mystery that advertisers are critical to performance marketing. Whether running their own in-house program, utilizing affiliate networks, or outsourcing their program management to an […]
April 8, 2014

Making EDU LeadGen Easy and more

Give consumers a choice This new lead generation feature allows clients to dynamically display channel information within a custom success page. This means that you can […]
May 13, 2014

Affiliate Heat Re-Launching with LinkTrust After a short break from affiliate work, I’ve decided to re-launch the Affiliate Heat network. To do this, I needed some affiliate tracking software so […]
March 10, 2014

The Future of Affiliate Marketing with SmarterChaos and LinkTrust Affiliate Summit is one of the most highly anticipated industry events of the year and #ASW14 was a conference we won’t soon forget. With thousands […]
March 3, 2014

LinkTrust Technology Helps Advertisers Run Affiliate Programs Affiliate Summit is one of the most highly anticipated industry events of the year and #ASW14 was a conference we won’t soon forget. With thousands […]
February 4, 2014

Green PolkaDot Box Signs Agreement With LinkTrust to Expand Affiliate Network and Accelerate Membership Growth

Globe News Wire Author: Green PolkaDot Box Green Polka Dot Box Incorporated (OTC:GPDB) America’s premier online membership club for wholesale-priced organic and non-GMO natural food, announced […]
January 31, 2014

Safeguard Yourself from Host and Post Fraud

FeedFront Magazine Author: Bret Grow There’s a problem becoming more common as lead generation resurfaces in popularity, but there’s a solution that can make everyone happy. […]