July 2, 2013

June Trade: Acxiom

The original big data company, Acxiom has pioneered new ways to help brands better serve and engage customers in the world of marketing for more than […]
July 2, 2013

June Ticker: The Enhanced AltID

Just because your affiliates are outside enjoying the sun, doesn’t mean they can’t wield their influence and make money. New improvements to LinkTrust’s Alternate ID feature enable advertisers […]
July 2, 2013

June Just In: Upcoming Events

It’s summer at LinkTrust and we’re busier than ever. When we’re not running races and driving with the top down, we’re hard at work revolutionizing the way […]
June 25, 2013

What’s Going On Here?

Poor Darth Vader. He wanted so hard to be the ultimate villain. But as Kah Mun Rah so kindly pointed out in Night at the Museum […]
June 20, 2013

Tip of the Week: Getting Started Part 3

Now that you’ve got your first campaign created, you need to get ready to manage your affiliates. Step 3 in getting started on LinkTrust is Affiliate […]