Next Level Advertising

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November 21, 2014
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December 19, 2014

Next Level Advertising

The world of advertising is all about innovation and catching the consumer’s eye in a new way. Here are few of the best ads from 2014 to give you some inspiration as you gear up for one of the biggest shopping seasons of the year.

All of these great ads have tracking functionality they are using to attribute sales to the ad. If you’re looking for some more ways to track your advertising, check out these new features from LinkTrust.

Use an Alt-ID! With the Alt-ID functionality in LinkTrust you can take your tracking to the next level. You can assign affiliates an Alt-ID in LinkTrust to keep track of them using a pre-existing ID (such as from a CRM). Or you can even use the Alt-ID to track offline advertising easily.

Use APIs to automate processes! With all of the frenzy of the holidays, automating what you can and saving precious seconds can mean the difference between a campaign’s success or failure. Adding or updating creatives via API makes it easy to mass add or update creatives to your LinkTrust campaigns. Product Data Feeds are made possible by API functionality and make it easy for affiliates to display products and prices on each page. Now you can get the Product Data Feed Analytics Report out of LinkTrust via API too. There are many APIs available in LinkTrust to talk to all of your different systems and get the data you need.

For more information about how to use these and other LinkTrust features, please visit the LinkTrust University.

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