Right Media affiliate pixel issue resolved within 24 hours

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October 25, 2011
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October 27, 2011

Right Media affiliate pixel issue resolved within 24 hours

Last week, a couple of LinkTrust customers contacted us saying their affiliates were having trouble seeing their conversions within Right Media when their Right Media affiliate post back URL was to be fired by LinkTrust. In this case, LinkTrust was tracking the conversions, so the affiliates were getting credited in LinkTrust, but when the affiliates logged into Right Media, they were not seeing the conversions.

After some quick investigation on the part of our customer service team, we found that Right Media had changed their affiliate post back URL to exceed 300 characters. Within 24 hours, our engineers adjusted the limit of the Affiliate Reference ID, used to pass their unique parameters to the Affiliate Pixel URL, to accept values up to 500 characters. We’ve confirmed with the customers who recognized the problem that the conversions are now tracking properly in Right Media for their affiliates.

If you work with affiliates who use Right Media and you need more clarification on this issue, contact support@linktrust.com.

We appreciate the LinkTrust customers who quickly let us know they were having an issue so that we could take the necessary action on our part to help.

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