The Japan earthquake and tsunami got to us

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March 14, 2011
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March 17, 2011

The Japan earthquake and tsunami got to us

Saturday morning I was doing a little Facebook browsing when I saw a post by a friend living in Hawaii from the night before. “Packing up and heading for the hills.” My first reaction was that my outdoorsy friend was taking her kids camping. But then I started seeing the posts about a catastrophic earthquake in Japan.

Yesterday, a handful of LT staffers went to lunch together. Within a few minutes of sitting down, talk of Japan and the devastation there was the dominant topic. As I listened to the discussion, it became clear to me that everyone of us is being touched by an event half a world away. For some of us the events are only as close as the news coverage and YouTube videos. But for others, like Nathan Pusey, director of IT, Frank Ouimette, LinkTrust co-founder and Bret Grow, LinkTrust president, the earthquake and tsunami hit much closer to home.

“Japan is very close to my heart — I’ve lived nearly a fourth of my life there. It has been extremely difficult to watch the devastation and suffering of these wonderful people. My hope is that we can all pitch in to help relieve the suffering.”

— Nathan Pusey

“The devastation in Japan and the rest of the Pacific Rim affected me personally and helps to bring to light how fragile life can become when pitted against mother nature. On Friday, March 11th, I was preparing for bed and made a final review of the news for the day when I noticed headlines about the 8.9 earthquake and the following tsunami warning near Japan. I knew that the rest of the Pacific Rim would be affected by this event and that my mother and other extended family, living in Hawaii, was in harm’s way. I didn’t know how much would affect my family but a threat definitely existed. I immediately picked up the phone and called my mother who answered the phone sounding very calm. She told me that the sirens were going off and she was preparing water and other essentials ‘just in case’.
Luckily the effects of the tsunami hitting Hawaii were minimal and life on the island continues as normal. I am saddened at the overall devastation and the long term affects this event will have on the children and people of Japan and my heart reaches out with a desire to ease their pain and burdens.”

— Frank Ouimette

“My sister-in-law is from Sendai. Her family lives on higher ground so their home was not swept away. I asked if she would like to contribute anything about what her family is experiencing and she sent me the following. English is her second language, but she still paints a powerful picture..”

— Bret Grow

Hello Bret,
I am from that city earthquake was. Sendai. My family is still there. I finally talked to my father night of that day the Tsunami & Earthquake. He said his house is in more mountain side so Tsunami was not hit but still all things fell down all over inside his house. But his house is still livable. NO water, power & natural gas. NO gasoline at gas station, and store has nothing for sale. My best friend went a store and waited a line 4 hours to buy diaper for her baby. Beach side still has a lot of body there but rescuer can’t reach that point. Japanese usually burn a dead body for our culture but that place was gone because Tsunami, so government was talking about buried bodies instead. Today’s Japanese news said some 79 years old grand-pa found dead but he hold grand children’s photo album on his chest really tight. Government said they now confirmed over 10000 people dead or missing. They don’t have a water so they can not wash a cloths even. Really tough time and really cold still. It is not looks like the view I grow up. It is almost looks like some different country… I still cannot believe it. they really need any liquid thing.(water, gasoline…etc…) I will ship my care package today too. If you need more info, let me know! God bless everyone!! Love U!


We added a link to the American Red Cross on our home page. One of the best ways we can actually make a difference in helping these people is by funding the recovery. Consider clicking through and adding your support.


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